We emphasize golf tradition.

We open golf.

We keep being innocent.

We enjoy golf freely.

We enjoy golf with the family.

We make the new golfers having smiling faces.



会社名 株式会社ナインバリューズ
所在地 神奈川県川崎市
電 話 044-455-7255
FAX 044-722-6318
設立日 2011年6月2日
代表取締役 北村 収

■Company Profile

Company Name: Nine Values Co.,Ltd
Head Office: Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa,Japan
Phone.: +81-44-455-7255
FAX. : +81-44-722-6318
Date of establishment: June 2, 2011
President: Osamu Kitamura



  • ゴルフ関連企業・団体のWeb及びSNS戦略構築における総合コンサルティング業務及び企画・運営業務
  • ITや出版などのメディアビジネスのWeb戦略構築における総合コンサルティング業務及び企画・運営業務
  • 雑誌やWebサイトなどにおけるゴルフ関連の取材・編集・執筆業務

■Business Area

  • Overall consulting business and plan in web and SNS strategy of a golf related enterprise or a group, IT media and the publication.
  • Business of the coverage, the edition and the writing related to golf in the magazine and the Web site.

We promote Golf Business Transaction to Golf Industry through media such as internet, blogging, SNS and magazine. Our clients are the media, golf course and golf maker.
We have enough knowledge which other people don’t have and that’s our company’s merit.
The President had been working in a golf publishing company for 5 years and in golf internet media for 8 years. Five years ago, we made this company. So, he has been working in golf media for 18 years since then. That’s the reason why we have the unique knowledge.